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    Dorian Gray

  • By admin Oct 11, 2017

    Redwood Sky

Free Will Baptist Church
By admin - Oct 12, 2017

Down in the River to Pray

On Sunday mornings, we drive down the windy road to the little white Southern Free Will Baptist Church.

Inseparable sisters
By admin - Oct 12, 2017


It’s a beautiful Virginia Saturday and I’m banished to the bedroom upstairs at Chestnut Street when a rock hits the window. “Psst!

Grandma and Grandpa
By admin - Oct 11, 2017

Little House on the Prairie

Grandma has been sitting with me for an hour with a jar of peanut butter trying to loosen up the wad of gum that Sadie stuck in my hair.

By admin - Oct 11, 2017

Article 15

“Sadie, Emma, wake up.” The sun isn’t even up yet.


Chapter One